How to submit a private peer review

Authors who opt for the traditional peer review option will select potential reviewers during the submission process. Those reviewers will be automatically contacted by RESEARCHERS.ONE about this request. Anyone who has been requested to review an article should first log in to their account and go to Reviews →Active Reviews on the left-hand sidebar. From here the article for which the review is requested should be accessible and the user can either agree or decline to provide a review. (If you have been requested to review an article but do not have an account, you will first have to register an account using the email address to which the request was sent.)

The author will be notified via email of the reviewer’s response (agree or decline). If the reviewer agrees, then the reviewer should provide any feedback to the authors as quickly as possible. Feedback can be written in the text box provided or uploaded in a separate file. When the review has been submitted the author will again be notified via email.