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On medicine at scale (scaling medicine)

Post-Normal Science Risk Ethics Skin in the Game Quaternary Prevention Iatrogenics

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Marc Casañas Escarré (2020). On medicine at scale (scaling medicine). RESEARCHERS.ONE, https://www.researchers.one/article/2020-03-16.


I will try to analyze Harry Crane's article "Naïve probabilism" and formalise what is, for me, "the problem of medicine" (being blind to scale and his consequences). I will introduce Post-Normal Science, criticise the Geoffrey Rose's approach, praise Marc Jamoulle's work and concluding that not all the precautions (at different scales) are the same "ting". A short list at the end is exposed in a summary style. This is for starting a debate about epistemology of medicine and his (for me) lack of skin in the game and second-order thinking. Not a closure. Massive review is welcome (and necessary).