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Matching Supernova Redshifts with Special Relativity and no Dark Energy

Dark Energy Cosmological redshift Supernova cosmology Hubble plot special relativity general relativity Big Bang Theory spacetime expansion

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Simon Brissenden (2019). Matching Supernova Redshifts with Special Relativity and no Dark Energy. RESEARCHERS.ONE, https://www.researchers.one/article/2019-02-3.


This analysis shows that a special relativity interpretation matches observed type 1a supernova redshifts. Davis & Lineweaver reported in 2003 that a special relativity match to supernova redshift observations can be ruled out at more than 23σ, but MacLeod’s 2004 conclusion that this finding was incorrect and due to a mathematical error is confirmed. MacLeod’s plot of special relativity against observation has been further improved by using celerity (aka proper velocity) instead of peculiar velocity. A Hubble plot of type 1a supernova celerity against retarded distance has a straight line of 70 km s-1 Mpc-1 for as far back in time as we can observe, indicating that, with a special relativity interpretation of cosmological redshift, expansion of the universe is neither accelerating nor decelerating, and it is not necessary to invoke the existence of dark energy.

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