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Consciousness and the Incompleteness of Science

Consciousness physicalism science reductionism philosophy

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Stanley Korn (2018). Consciousness and the Incompleteness of Science. RESEARCHERS.ONE, https://www.researchers.one/article/2018-11-11.


Physicalism, which provides the philosophical basis of modern science, holds that consciousness is solely a product of brain activity, and more generally, that mind is an epiphenomenon of matter, that is, derivable from and reducible to matter. If mind is reducible to matter, then it follows that identical states of matter must correspond to identical states of mind.

In this discourse, I provide a cogent refutation of physicalism by showing examples of physically identical states which, by definition, cannot be distinguished by any method available to science but can nevertheless be distinguished by a conscious observer. I conclude by giving an example of information that is potentially knowable by an individual but is beyond the ken of science.