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A Research Prediction Market Framework

Prediction Prediction Market Replication Replicability

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Maxx Goad (2018). A Research Prediction Market Framework . RESEARCHERS.ONE, https://www.researchers.one/article/2018-09-15.


Prediction markets are currently used for three fields: 1. For economic, political and sporting event outcomes. (IEW, PredictItPredictWise) 2. For risk evaluation, product development and marketing. (Cultivate Labs/Consensus Point) 3. Research replication. (Replication Prediction Project, Experimental Economics Prediction Project, and Brian Nosek’s latest replicability study) The latter application of prediction markets has remained closed and/or proprietary despite the promising results in the methods. In this paper, I construct an open research prediction market framework to incentivize replicate study research and align the motivations of research stakeholders.